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Heaps of grip and good value for money

Mat-Egan-Couragia-MTFour wheel driver Matt Egan shows off his Land Rover Discovery and tells us about his experience with Federal Couragia M/T tyres:

A mate and I decided to head out to our local tracks. We just had over 20inches of rain the following week so the tracks were very slippery especially the red clay. We wanted to try a track we locals call Limberts, at the bottom of the track its all red clay and tree roots which come across the track.

My mate said this should be fun as he’d have trouble getting up this. So with the 33's on I hit the track in 2nd low, the car just walked up, didn’t slip a wheel, all the way up the track. I’ve also tried them on rocks and boulders with great results.

I’m very impressed with the federal muddies as they have heaps of grip and good value for money.


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